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Our step by step guide to helping you register in

How to use this guide

  1. Resize this screen so it fits on the left 1/3rd of your screen

  2. Click HERE to open up the registration

  3. Move the registration window so it takes up the remaining 2/3rds of your screen


Who will use this guide

  1. If you want to pursue an SBIR [For more information on SBIR for startups see HERE]

  2. If you want to pursue government contracts [For more information on starting a government contracting companies see HERE]

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1. Account creation

You should be seeing:

Images for registration Agency Capital.002.jpeg

Click REGISTER on the right

Images for registration Agency Capital.003.jpeg

POP-UP: When you click register a pop-up will appear (depending on how big your screen is it will look like one of the two below) and select the first option

Images for registration Agency Capital.004.jpeg
Images for registration Agency Capital.005.jpeg

2. Program qualifications

You should be seeing:

Images for registration Agency Capital.008.jpeg

IS YOUR BUSINESS ORGANIZATION FOR-PROFIT: If you are going for SBIR/STTR you need to be a for-profit (e.g. an LLC, Corps, etc)

IS YOUR PRINCIPLE BUSINESS LOCATED IN THE US: If you are headquartered in the US answer YES

OWNERSHIP AND CONTROL: So long as Americans own (e.g. own >50% of the equity) and control (indirectly or directly controls or influences the business) then select the first option.  If foreigners, other businesses, or investors own/control  50% or more of this business then consult a lawyer. 

COMPANY SIZE: Same idea as with your DUNS registration, count up everyone an so long as your are well bellow 500 people select YES.  If you are close to 500 consult a lawyer

NOTE: When you answer a question in a way that qualifies you for SBIR the boxes on the right should turn to thumbs up:

Images for registration Agency Capital.009.jpeg

Then hit NEXT:

Images for registration Agency Capital.028.jpeg

3. Previous application

You should be seeing:

Images for registration Agency Capital.011.jpeg

Assuming you are new to SBIR/STTR answer NO

Images for registration Agency Capital.012.jpeg

Then hit NEXT

4. DUNS and EIN check

You should be seeing:

Images for registration Agency Capital.015.jpeg

DUNS: You should have an email with your DUNS number

EIN: You should have gotten this number from the IRS when you registered with them

EMAIL: Recommend you use the same work email you used in DUNS and SAM

Then hit NEXT

5. SBC Info

You should be seeing:

COMPANY NAME: Be sure that you spell your name exactly as you did in DUNS/SAM/etc

COMPANY WEBSITE: If you put a website put in the whole address including "HTTPS://WWW." (e.g. HTTPS://

OWNERSHIP BY INVESTORS: It is not necessarily a problem if you have investments from a VC/PE/etc shop, just put in how much they collectively own

NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: Same as the last screen

WOMAN-OWNED: If one or more women collectively own >50% of the equity in this company select YES

SOCIALLY/ECONOMICALLY DISADVANTAGED: Basically if minority members own >50% of the equity in this company select YES.  For more details on who qualifies click HERE

HUBZONE OWNED: If your company is located in, and 35% of your employees live in, one or more areas designated on THIS map then select YES

COMPANY PROFILE: Optional, but feel free to write a bit about yourself

PERSONAL INFO: I know you're tired of entering this, but do it again

   PHONE NUMBERS: Put dashed (-) in your phone number or you'll get an error

Then hit NEXT

6. Points of contact

You should be seeing:

This is your last step.  It's pretty self explanatory so just drive through, and remember to put dashes (-) into your phone numbers

Then when you hit NEXT

You should see: 

Images for registration Agency Capital.027.jpeg

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