What Opportunities are in FedScout and the Data on Each Opportunity

Find and Track Your RFPs

Which opportunities are in FedScout

Currently we have all the opportunities in Beta.SAM and we are working on accessing data from GSA schedules and other important vehicles

The data on each opportunity

Government data

All of the Beta.SAM data is included in each opportunity.  For example:

  • The NAICS code
  • The PSC code
  • The customer
  • The POCs
  • Etc.

Insights pulled from opportunity documents


Some fields are assessed based on the contents of the documents associated with each opportunity.  For example:

  • Proposal length
  • Pricing 
  • Evaluation
  • The items the government is requesting within each opportunity

Example: Proposal length

Example: Pricing and evaluation


Some fields are estimated based our analysis of the likely value. For example:

  • The likely value of the opportunity
  • The competitors 

User Calculated

Some fields are produced based on user input.  For example:

  • The hours and cost to pursue
  • The % of the task the user can perform