Individual and Corporate Accounts (Creation, Privacy, and Permissions)

Find and Track Your RFPs

Creating an individual account

If you've signed up for any other app or website this should look familiar:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email (your choice here is important, see below)
  • Password

Creating a corporate account and why your email is so important

You don't create your corporate account, we create those based on the email address you signed up with. So if you registered using the email address "" we create a corporate account for "" and if anyone else registers with a "" email address we automatically add them to your corporate account.

Signing up with non-corporate email: You can sign up with Gmail, or outlook, or another personal email address, but if you do that you'll use FedScout solo and wont be connected to other users

Ensuring your company's privacy

When you register we send a security code to the email you used to make sure that you really are associated with the email you provided.  So people can't just pretend to be part of your company, create a profile with your email, and spy on your work.

What you can do when you're part of a company

FedScout helps teams collaborate and stay coordinated through:

Opportunity discussion

Discuss an opportunity within your company

  • Team members thoughts on the opportunity
  • Intelligence you've gathered
  • Your strategy

Team liked list

See all the opportunities that you and the other people on your team have liked