Screen Guide (Calculators)

Find and Track Your RFPs

P-win calculator: 

Help you assess your chances of winning

1. Estimated P-win: This is FedScout's assessment of your chances of winning 

NOTE: When you first start using FedScout we don't have much to go on, but as you use the app more we can refine our estimates

2. Corrected P-Win: As you answer the questions in the body of this calculator we will update our estimate for your win chances

3. The questions: The questions in this calculator are based on industry best practice P-Win processes 

Estimated value Calculator

1. Estimated Value: This is FedScout's assessment of the financial value of this opportunity 

2. Corrected value: As you answer the questions in the body of this calculator we will update the estimated value

3. Non-Financial value: One of the biggest mistakes we see early companies make is to think about value only in terms of financial value.  But as a new player there is tremendous value from building proposal content and building relationships with government customers and teaming partners.  So in this section we try to quantify this a bit to help you get a full perspective on the value of a pursuit

Proposal length calculator

1. Estimated proposal length: FedScout's assessment of the page length of the proposal

2. Corrected pages: You can update the page count using the slider #3

3. Proposal length slider: Adjust the proposal length based on the content in #4

4. The sentences that discuss proposal length: Our proposal length analysis sometimes double counts pages so read through all the sentences that discuss proposal length to quickly make your own assessment


Cost calculator

Get a sense for the cost to pursue in terms of hours and dollars

1. Estimated cost to pursue: Our estimate for the cost to pursue this opportunity based on the product of the hours and rates entered below

2. hours: Adjust these sliders based on the number of hours you anticipate spending (as a team) in each category

3. $/hour: Adjust these sliders for the average $/hour cost of the people doing the work