Screen Guide (Opportunity Details Screen)

Find and Track Your RFPs

Opportunity details (Cost benefit analysis):

This section helps you make a rough assessment of whether you should pursue this opportunity


1. The title of this opportunity

2. Your estimated chances of winning and the calculator to refine your estimate

3. The estimated total value of this opportunity and a calculator to refine the estimate

4. How many days till the response is due

5. The estimated length of the proposal

6. The estimated cost of pursuing this opportunity in financial terms

7. The estimated cost of pursuing this opportunity in time terms


1. The number of days to respond

2. Key dates in the history of this opportunity

For details on each calculator see HERE



Opportunity details (RFP Key Data):


1. Whether this opportunity is set-aside and if so to what group

2. The opportunity's type

3. The NAICS code

4. The PSC code

5. The pricing regime for this opportunity (click to see the relevant text)

6. The evaluation regime for this opportunity (click to see the relevant text)

7. The customer that put out this opportunity

(click to see customer details)

8. Where the work will be done

(click to see location details)

9. The individuals to contact

(click to see details)



Opportunity details (Abstract):

Here is the executive summary for this opportunity.

If it is quite long click more to see all the text

Opportunity details (Team and Workshare):

We extract all the tasks that are defined in the RFP abstract and documents so that you can self assess whether you can deliver on that task

The number of tasks you assessed yes will appear on the left.  The total number of tasks found on the right

If you click on the the arrow you will go to the task analysis screen

1: The number of tasks self assessed yes over the total number of tasks identified

2: The estimate value of the work you self assessed yes (requires a total value assessment)

3: The task found in the document

4: If you do not have a path to deliver this task

5: If you can deliver this task through a partner

6: If you can deliver this task in-house

Opportunity details (Docs and description):

Any Word or PDF documents attached to this opportunity 

NOTE: you will need a Word/ PDF reader on your phone

Opportunity details (Action):

1: Engage in a discussion with the other people on your team

2: Share this opportunity via email or text (typically used to share with people outside your company)

3: Email a PDF with all the information on this opportunity to yourself

4: Go to Beta.SAM to see the original listing



Opportunity details (Categorize):

Assess how important this opportunity is and see how other people on your team have voted