Why are my FedScout Search Results Different from my Beta.SAM Results

Find and Track Your RFPs

Beta.SAM's results

Beta.SAM is almost always going to return more results, like thousand of more results, but take a look at what you're getting.

In our experience 90% of Beta.SAM's results came out in the early 2000s. 

Why are they still in there?

No one knows*! 

The FedScout approach

To quote Marie: “All the things you own want to be of use to you.”

To quote FedScout: “All the RFP we return you should be of use to you.”

We aggressively curate our data so every opportunity we return is a live opportunity


* This isn't true, we know but the answer is boring and doesn't really help you. If you really care email us and we can talk about federal archiving policies