Why should I Register for FedScout with my Work Email?

Find and Track Your RFPs

If you register for FedScout with a personal email account (Outlook, Gmail, etc), you’re going to be using it on your own, without interacting with your coworkers. 

One of the major benefits of FedScout is that it’s designed to bring people together in teams. So, if you have an email address that is Your.Name@XYZcompany.com, FedScout will automatically group you with other users with XYZcompany.com emails. 

The logic is that if you and someone else have the same company email, and you were both able to access the confirmation emails, then you probably work for the same company and will want to collaborate. 

As a member of a company you’ll have access to collaborative functionality and transparency into what other company users are doing: 

  • When you like an RFP, your colleagues will see that you’ve liked it in a shared like list
  • When you create searches, you can share them with your colleagues and see them in a shared search list
  • When you put a note into a chat, your colleague will see it
  • You can see the assessments coworkers have made in opportunity calculators

FedScout’s collaborative features are an efficiency and effectiveness multiplier for your team. Since all prices cover an unlimited number of people at your company, you can have everyone from your admin to your techs to your C-Suite collaborating and building your business.