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FedScout offers a full suite of government sales tools that simplify identifying and analyzing your next government contract.

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I used to feel guilty and afraid that I’d missed a perfect RFP. I’d go to bed saying I’d search for RFPs tomorrow and never would. FedScout has changed all that. Now I see and evaluate every new RFP every day right from my phone while I’m between meetings.

FedScout directs me to the most promising RFPs and once I like an RFP, it alerts my team and they use the calculators to create the information we need to decide whether to pursue. With FedScout, my smart but non-GovCon expert associates are able to move our BD forward.

I was using and had no idea how much my bid management experience was missing until FedScout came into my life. I’ll never look at RFPs the same way.


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Your sales tool should be as mobile as your business. FedScout works on any device and offers an easy-to-use interface that helps you find and evaluate promising RFPs whether you’re in the office, at home, or in line for coffee.

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Search, evaluate, and “comparison shop” the contractor market to help you build the right team and beat the competition.

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