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With Analysis Scout, your team will identify opportunities and grow
your pipeline faster and more efficiently than ever before.

See if you can prime We: Identify RFP text related to past performance and other priming requirements
So you can:
  • Quickly decide if you can prime
  • Know what kinds of teammates to find
Know the pricing We: Identify whether its a Firm Fixed Price, T&M, or Cost+ contract
So you can:
  • Decide if the pricing aligns with your business strategy
  • Decide whether you want to mess with DCAA
Size the lift We: Provide calculators and wizards to help you estimate the hours and cost to pursue
So you can:
  • Figure out if the juice is worth the squeeze
  • Decide whether you have the time and resources for a pursuit
Know the evaluation criteria We: Identify RFP text related to proposal evaluation
So you can:
  • See the evaluation criteria including whether it's a LPTA or best value RFP
  • Decide whether the evaluation process aligns with your strengths
Understand the work We: Identify and extract the activities the government is asking for
So you can:
  • See everything the government want's done
  • Self assess to see if you can do it or if you'll need to team

Build your pipeline. Build your business.

  • Get the BD you need in the time you have
    Our products are designed to help you whether you have five hours or five minutes.  Start analyzing an opportunity when you’re having breakfast and finish it when you’re in line for coffee.  With our mobile first design BD works around you
  • You need professional BD. Not BD professionals
    Most CEOs we know love the work and hate the BD.  So we’re turned the core BD decisions into wizards that help you get to the right decision fast  
  • Spend your time writing proposals, not reading RFP’s
    Reading proposals is incredibly repetitive and time consuming. So we’ve automated the dull parts so you can focus on high value strategy and writing

What our users are saying

"I know FedScout is new but it's already become my go-to for keeping track of beta.SAM.  I still have a bunch of new college graduates but now they are framing up the proposals not wasting time on SAM"

-Alex Gorsuch, CEO: MagPi Innovations and Beta Tester

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