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FedScout offers a full suite of business development tools for identifying, analyzing, and deciding which contracts to pursue.

Our core products help you search for contracts, know when matches come out, and give you a structured approach to estimating your chances of winning, the potential value, and the time you’ll need to compete for the contract.

Contract Scout is completely free and even more powerful and time saving when used with our automated analysis tools.

RFP Scout

Everything you need to search, keep current, and analyze contracts.
Popular features:
  • Rapid search builders
  • Mobile alerting
  • Decision calculators
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Market Scout

Quickly identify and research other companies to find teammates and flag competitors
Popular features:
  • Government contracting maturity analysis
  • Business line explorer
  • Company website and award data integration
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Customers should only pay when they’re getting value.

We hate paying for apps we aren’t using, so we only bill if you are using our products.

If you or someone on your team doesn’t use FedScout for a week or two, we’ll take this off the next month’s bill. For more details on the active weeks formula click below.

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Our lives are mobile, our tools should be too.

Small business leaders split their days between the house, office, clients, teammates, and parenting responsibilities.

And just because you're building a business doesn't mean that anything else slows down. So your tools had better keep up with you.

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Data is useless unless it helps us make a decision.

The GovCon market is drowning in data and our job is to strip out the distractions and get you the data and decision frameworks you need to make the right decisions fast.

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