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Jun 4, 2020

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As you may have gathered one of the hardest parts of getting that sweet sweet federal capital is having an R&D team ask for something that aligns to your interests. So we did a little analytics to figure out what’s hot (getting a lot of funding).

So what does this mean for you?

If your tech is in one of the nine largest areas: As you’ll see below the largest nine tech areas received around 27% of all funding, so if your tech is in one of those top nine there’s a good chance that a topic will come out in your strike zone in the next mont or two. On the other hand it also means that there are a lot of other companies competing in your space

If your tech isn’t in one of the nine largest: Not surprisingly the story for you is the opposite, you’ll probably have to wait longer for a topic, but if one comes out there’ll probably be less competition.


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Hot topics.001.jpeg

Caveat on the data: We based this analysis on DOD awards only, and we’re generally good with that decision because:

  • DOD represents about 50% of the total SBIR budget

  • DOD is so vast that their interests encompass all the other agencies

  • They ask there awardees to include research keywords which allowed us to do this analysis in a couple hours rather than a couple weeks


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