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Apr 26, 2020

How Are Women, Low-income, and Minority Owned Businesses Fairing?

Time to read: 1 min

Things aren’t looking great…

At first glance the SBIR funding rates for woman, HUBZone* (our shorthand for companies located in low-income areas), and minority founders looks pretty grim with funding rates in the low single digits

Getting below the headline…

After talking to reps from the funding teams it sounds like the percent of applications from woman, HUBZone, and minority owned businesses is also extremely low so the chances of winning if you are a woman, HUBZone, or minority founder are actually pretty good

Where the truth lies…

Sadly we don’t have access to data on the companies that applied and lost so we don’t know the truth, but we thought this could help prospective SBIR applicants make an informed decision


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Federal Foundry webpage (R&D).004.jpeg
Federal Foundry webpage (R&D).005.jpeg
HUBZone chart R&D.001.jpeg

*PS for the nit-pickers out there we know that there’s more to HUBZone than being located in a low-income area so if you want a full program discussion see HERE

And the latest HUBZone map is HERE


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