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Apr 13, 2020

Is Google Your SBIR Crystal Ball?

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As we’ve discussed finding a topic is critical to your success, and I, along with every other founder I know, hate waiting. so in an effort to help us, and you, feel like we are in control and can predict what’s going to be funded here is a comparison of SBIR funding volumes compared to the amount a topic was googled

What we found…

At least for major areas of interest (e.g. sensors, cyber and other big funding areas) we found that the volume of SBIRs tracked pretty closely to the amount that a topic was googled.

The so what….

The Google data of course is backwards looking (what searches have already occurred) and we want to look to the future (what topics are likely to come out) but the trends seem to be pretty consistent so it seems to me that if public interest in that topic remains steady, then the volume of SBIRs in that area will probably stay steady.


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To see if your topic is trending go HERE


SBIRs compared to Google searches

Google to sbir.001.jpeg
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