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Oct 14, 2021

New FedScout App Released, Now Available for Download

Time to read: 5 min

FedScout recently announced the launch of its new mobile app. The FedScout app was designed with GovCon leaders in mind, to help them zero in on products and services they can provide. All users need is an internet connection to view current opportunities at a glance. This speeds up the process of hunting down high-value contracts. The app allows team leaders and managers to share a Liked list of contracts with their teams instantly. This means less time spent on business development and more time spent on drafting winning proposals. 


How the Fedscout App Can Ease Your Contract Search

Over 3,000 RFPs are released by the federal government each day. The majority of businesses find it difficult and time-consuming to stay on top of new opportunities. Searching for relevant bids and reading through proposals takes valuable time away from daily operations. The FedScout app has unique and user-friendly search filters that can produce specific search results according to industry, product, or service provided, or by NAICS codes. The automated analytic tools tell users their P-win and the estimated monetary value the potential work could bring them.

The app keeps track of good bid opportunities by gathering them in one place—the Liked list. Users can access this list of “Liked” contracts and share it with their team members. The app has mobile alerts that are easily customizable, so users never miss a bid opportunity. The functions are straightforward:

  • To add an opportunity to your Liked list, swipe right
  • To skip to the next contract or grant, swipe left

Users can access their Liked list any time. Expired RFPs are automatically removed from the system. The FedScout app declutters your opportunity feed, helping your team stay better-organized. Users can bid on more contracts and track the success of previous RFPs they have applied for.


Never Miss Out on Good Bid Opportunities with the FedScout App

The FedScout app is helpful for small businesses as well as medium-sized and large enterprises. The app has an easy-to-use interface with refined features to help both leaders and team members find information quickly. The app helps teams by:

  • reducing time spend on tedious contract searches with its automation features;
  • quickly filtering for opportunities exclusively in their industry, related to their products or services, or according to NAICS codes;
  • making it easier for leadership to share interesting opportunities with their team with a quick swipe;
  • allowing custom Liked lists to be shared among teams;
  • alerting users to new and relevant bid opportunities with customizable mobile alerts.

The app provides tools that evaluate RFP value, P-Win, and proposal effort. The automation features analyze RFP documents to pull out the information bidders need


Small Businesses Can Benefit from Using the FedScout App

The app gives founders and CEOs of smaller businesses fast access to the information required to assess RFPs rapidly and confidently and make decisions on whether to bid. This is helpful for practitioners who have expertise in their fields, but may not be familiar with government bidding processes. 

Team leaders can save or like a contract. When this happens, the rest of the team is notified. This allows junior positions to read over and analyze whether or not it truly is a good fit and a solid potential bid. The app reduces lag time and improves team communication to expedite the proposal drafting process. 


Explore the FedScout App’s Smart Features

FedScout’s features can help your team search for and secure government contracts. The quick search helps you find high-value opportunities. Users can view their team’s activity instantly when all team members sign up using the same email domain. 

FedScout App’s Features


The app is now available for download from the App Store or the Google Play Store. Download the FedScout App to search for relevant bid opportunities faster. Stay connected on-the-go and expand your business’s potential. 

  • Search, rank, and analyze potential contracts.
  • Manage your team with Liked lists shared among people with the same email domain.
  • Customize your mobile alerts for real-time notifications when new opportunities arise.
  • Access and organize your saved contracts easily.


The app is available in a forever-free tier for all users and also has three paid subscription plans. View the FedScout pricing plan here


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