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Feb 29, 2020

The Three Fastest SBIR Programs

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Timelines and funding gaps (the valley of death)…

Each R&D team’s SBIR program moves at its own pace, and there are wild variations in how long they take from receiving your Angel application to making a funding decision to paying you to receiving your Seed pitch and so on, and in the chart below you’ll find our analysis of the typical time that it takes between each step.

You’ll also see a red line, and this is the so called “valley of death, this is the time between when companies typically run out of angel money, and when they receive their Seed. As you can see the gap can be six months or longer,  so you’ll need to figure out what’s going to happen to development during that time. 

Are we sure or sure sure…

A quick note on the data, we pulled the data for this chart from federal databases and the data quality was TERRIBLE.  We used our best judgment about what to toss and what to keep in but we sure as hell kept some bad stuff in and tossed some good stuff.  So if you have better data please share it so we can refine our analysis.


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