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Mar 31, 2020

Your Chances of Getting Funded

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Time for a good news-bad news story.

The bad news…

Statistically there is a low chance of getting seed funding from an R&D team.

The good news…

Once you get seed funding your chances of getting a series A are pretty good

What’s driving the win rates…

The honest answer is I don’t know but from talking to people on the funding teams I’ve heard that 50% of the seed pitches they get are either non-compliant (don’t adhere to application instructions), are total non-sense, or are people just looking for money who aren’t really interested in developing a product.

I’ve also heard that if there are multiple credible pitches for a given topic an R&D team will happily fund 2-4 different solutions and then select the most promising in series A.


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For a bit more detail here are the win rates by program…

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